Youth Accounts

Youth Accounts at CJCU

Saving has never been more fun than with a 
CJCU Youth Savings Account!

Teaching your kids about saving money can have many benefits besides the obvious earned interest. Learning to save up for a large purchase or even using their own funds to buy smaller items like toys or candy, can teach kids to make good financial decisions in the future. Being prepared to wait until they are able to pay for items can help children refrain from getting into debt later in life. Managing their own account is also a great way to experience real-life financial issues like keeping track of balances, using a debit card, and managing income.  

We offer a variety of financial tools and host many events to engage our young members in their savings. 
Youth Savings Accounts:

Earn .10% APR    $5.00 minimum

Each new youth member receives a free CJCU Piggy Bank! These can be brought in for special prizes and fund matching during the year. Sign up for our E-Newsletter and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest special events!

Teens are able to get a debit card at age 14, and are encouraged to speak with a CJCU staff member about building good credit before they reach 18. We are always available to discuss credit options, such as our Student Loans, Choice Loans and Choice Credit Cards. We want to see our members on the path to success, not debt!
To open a new account, an adult must complete the Membership Application, provide 2 forms of ID for themselves & 2 forms for the child, and deposit at least $5 into the savings account. 

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