Special Accounts

Special Savings Accounts at Our Credit Union

Money Market Accounts
This account helps members earn a higher dividend than the share account. Minimum balance to earn dividends is $2,000.00. Dividend rates are based on different tier levels.    Learn More >>
Christmas Club Accounts
This account helps members save for Christmas or other large expenses. You may deposit any amount at any time. The balance of your Christmas Club will automatically transfer to your Share Account on October 1st. These accounts earn a dividend.
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
CJCU offers a variety of certificate terms, with low minimum balances. CDs can be opened with as little as $500. Youth certificates have a low $100.00 minimum. Dividends are paid on these accounts, and there is an early withdrawal penalty.     Learn More >>
Roth IRA, Traditional IRA & IRA Certificates
CJCU offers traditional IRA share accounts or certificates. Dividends are paid on these accounts.
Stop in to see our IRA Specialist and learn how you can maximize your retirement funds!    Learn More >>
Note: $$ Dividends are paid monthly on all share accounts, if they qualify.
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