Savings & Checking Account Rates
Regular Savings Accounts                        .10% APY

Christmas Club Savings Accounts       .10% APY

Special Savings Accounts                         .10% APY

Share Draft Accounts       .01% APY  (average daily balance $1,000+)

Second Chance Checking Accounts       .0% APY

Youth Share Accounts     .10% APY

Description of Accounts:

Regular Savings (Share)- Base account needed for membership. $5.00 must remain in this account at all times. Savings accounts earn higher dividends than checking accounts.

Christmas Club Savings- This specialty savings account allows members to save money for holiday purchases. All funds in these accounts will be deposited to your regular savings or checking account on October 1st of each year.

Special Savings Accounts- We offer a variety of additional savings accounts to help you manage and maintain your savings goals. These accounts may be opened in addition to Regular Savings and Christmas Club accounts.

Youth Savings Accounts- Accounts may be opened for members who are under 18, with a parent or guardian's permission. These accounts are great for teaching kids to save and introducing them to the world of finance. Each new Youth Account comes with a special CJCU Piggy Bank and annual Birthday Bonus! Youth Savings accounts allow kids to have an account ready when it is time for their first job and establishes a relationship with CJCU for future borrowing needs. Youth Members have access to great events like our National Youth Week, Summer programs and other fun events! 

Checking (Share Draft)- These FREE checking accounts offer the additional perk of paying dividends, unlike most traditional bank checking accounts. There are no monthly fees and no minimum balances as long as your account remains active. Share Draft Accounts offer Free Debit Cards upon account opening and may be accessed using paper checks as well. After 60 days, Regular Checking accounts also have access to Overdraft Privilege. This privilege allows you access funds beyond your account balance, for a fee. 

Second Chance Checking- These checking accounts are for members who have had issues with bank accounts in the past. We are always willing to work with community members who are trying to improve their financial situation and get back on track. These accounts do not pay dividends and charge a monthly fee of $5.00. Members with Second Chance Accounts may request a review after 12 months to switch to a Regular Checking account.

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