Important Information about upcoming changes to the CJCU Credit Card Program:
Please check back often for the latest announcements.
5/25/17    Access our New Credit Card Site!
Simple, Easy, Fun! Credit Card information can now be accessed directly through our Online Banking! Members can sign into their online banking using a computer (not mobile), and click on the Credit Card tab. You will be asked to enter your New card number and complete some security questions during the initial sign-in. This new platform allows you to see your transactions, track your balance, make & view payments, set up E-statements, receive special offers and view your Rewards! (Please note: Some functions may not be accessible until next week.)
Rewards? Yes! Members earn points on every purchase they make using their CJCU Visa Credit Card. Our enhanced reward program includes Cash Back, Gift Cards, and Merchandise! Members will be able to start redeeming points on the new program starting June 23rd. For a sneak peak at the great new rewards, visit! (Please note: Cash back and gift cards will not be visible and the redemption amounts will not populate until June 23rd.)
5/25/17    New Statements & Reward Update
You will be seeing our New & Improved Statements in a few days! Please be aware that due to the short time frame between our conversion and the statement production, your Reward point balance will not be accurate on this statement. All reward points will display correctly on the statement you receive in June and points will be available to redeem at that time.
5/21/17    New Cards must be activated on May 21st. 
Previous CJCU cards will STOP working on May 21st. New Cards MUST be activated on May 21st. Once activated, your new card will be ready to use. All current credit limits, balances, APR and active promotions will remain the same. 
5/21/17    Scheduled Payments via BillPay or other banking services must be updated. 
Any payments scheduled via CJCU BillPay, that are scheduled to process on/after May 21st, WILL PROCESS and BE REJECTED. This means the funds will leave your CJCU account, but not get credited to your card. Please be sure to update your BillPay account with the NEW payment address for payments processing after May 21st. Remember: Payments made after May 15th, may be delayed or rejected if not processed at the CJCU office.
5/15/17    Payments After May 15th MUST be Processed at CJCU.
Payments sent after May 15th to the "Carol Stream, IL" payment address, may be rejected or experience delayed processing. 
If you need to make a payment between May 15 and May 21, you may:
  • Bring your payment to the CJCU office during business hours.
  • Put your payment into the CJCU night drop before/after business hours. (Located at the drive-thru window.)
  • Call CJCU to make a payment from your CJCU account.
  • Mail your payment to CJCU, 637 N. Center St. Ste A., Corry PA 16407
Payments made after May 21st may be sent to the new payment address: PO BOX 37603, Philadelphia PA 19101-0603
4/31/17    Score Card Rewards are EXPIRING April 31, 2016.
Due to many requests from Member cardholders, we are excited to be switching to a Cash Back reward program! Unfortunately, this means the current ScoreCard Reward points will no longer be supported. ALL points WILL EXPIRE on   April 31st. If you currently have over 10,000 points, you should have received a letter encouraging you to redeem these points. If you are unsure of your point balance, please see your last monthly statement. 

New points will begin to accrue under the CUReward program and you will see no disruption in your earnings. For a sneak peak at the great new rewards, visit! (Please note: Cash back and gift cards will not be visible and the redemption amounts will not populate until you log-in.)

If you would like help to redeem your points, please schedule an appointment to see Dianna or Jodie by calling 814-664-7010. Points may also be donated back to CJCU to help purchase items for events such as Youth Week, ICU Day and Scholarship Fundraisers.  Scorecard Points can be redeemed at for merchandise or travel items. 
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