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Personal Loans/Line Of Credit 
Maximum amount $10,000*
  • as low as 5.0% APR*      12 months
  • as low as 6.0% APR*      24 months
  • as low as 7.0% APR*      36 months
  • as low as 8.0% APR*      60 months
Holiday Helper Loan- Take an Additional .30% APR discount off our regular Personal Loan rates for auto-payments & direct deposit!

Share Secured Loan
  • as low as 3.75% APR*
Funds in the amount of your loan must remain in a CJCU Share account until the loan is paid off. This is a great way to build up your credit history and credit score. 
Credit Choice Loan
Maximum amount: $560.00
  • 20% APR - 9 months - $67/month payments
This loan is designed to improve credit scores and history. The member will receive $500 to use, $10 application fee and $50 must remain secured in the member's account until the loan is paid off. 

Consumer Goods Loan
Untitled items such as appliances, computers, TVs, etc. 
Max amount $7,500 as low as 8.25% APR* – 4 yrs.

Disclosures: *APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is based on credit criteria and other factors. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rates, highest amounts, or longest terms. All rates subject to change without notice. Must meet membership eligibility requirements to qualify for loans. 

Rates effective 12/14/17.
  •  Applications are subject to approval & Membership eligibility
  • Proof of income is required
  • Applications are accepted on a daily basis
  • Rates charged may be higher than lowest advertised rate depending on credit criteria
  • Rates posted may change without notice.
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