Giving Back to Our Community
At Corry Jamestown Credit Union, we are committed to serving this community in a variety of ways. From donations to scholarships, we are giving back and we couldn't do that without our generous members! Thank you for your support!
How to Enroll in E-Statements: 

For Accounts:
  1. Set-up a Home Banking Account
  2. Log-into Home Banking
  3. Click the yellow "Statements" tab
  4. Enroll in E-Statements
For Credit Cards:
  1. Set-up a Home Banking Account
  2. Log-into Home Banking
  3. Click the yellow "Credit Card" tab
  4. Answer security questions (first time enrollment only)
  5. Click the "Go Green" banner
  6. Enroll in E-Statements
International Credit Union Day
International Credit Union Day
October 19, 2017

E-Statements, a WIN for everyone!

You Win! 
Earn 5 entries for our International Credit Union Day “Dream Big” Sweepstakes. You will earn 5 entries for each member account and credit card account you enroll! Not only are E-Statements more secure and environmentally friendlier than paper, but they will be available when-ever, where-ever you need them!

We Win!
Paper Statements cost CJCU over $1,500 EVERY MONTH!! Since we are non-profit, that’s YOUR money! Lower expenses mean better rates and better products for You, our members.

The Community Wins!
For every account that adds E-Statements, we will donate $1.00 to a local charity! Choose a charity for each account and credit card you enroll! After you have signed up, be sure to


* Must enroll by October 18, 2017 to qualify.

Vote once for each account or credit card you have enrolled in E-Statements!
Which Charity would you like CJCU E-Statement donations to support?
CJCU Scholarship Fund
Corry Public Library
ANNA Shelter
Lifecare Resource Center
Mead Park Association
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